Nov 21 - Nov 22, 2019

2019 Baseball Sports Medicine: Game-Changing Concepts

New York


The Westin New York at Times Square


This live activity is designed to identify areas of concern or controversy in the management of baseball athletes in a team sport setting through didactic presentations and case based scenarios. Key issues, along with up-to-date and practice solutions, will be addressed. Time has been built into the agenda for questions and answers.

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The Westin New York at Times Square

07.00AM - 07.25AM
Registration & Breakfast
07.25AM - 07.30AM
07.30AM - 10.00AM
Session I: Shoulder Injuries
07.30AM - 07.40AM
Shoulder Anatomy Cadaver Video Demonstration
07.40AM - 08.00AM
08.00AM - 08.20AM
08.20AM - 08.40AM
MRI of Shoulder and Elbow Baseball Injuries
08.40AM - 08.50AM
SLAP Repair Technique Evolution
08.50AM - 09.00AM
Management of Rotator Cuff Tears
09.00AM - 09.10AM
Bennett’s Lesion: Diagnosis and Management
09.10AM - 09.20AM
Biceps Tenodesis: My Indications and Concerns
09.20AM - 09.30AM
Technique Spotlight: Latissimus Repair
09.30AM - 09.40AM
Shoulder Instability in Position Players
09.40AM - 10.00AM
SLAP Lesions and Biceps Specific Rehabilitation: Non-Operative and Post-Operative
10.00AM - 10.30AM
Coffee Break with Exhibitors
10.30AM - 11.30AM
Case Presentations and Panel Discussion with Q&A
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11.30AM - 11.50AM
Keynote Speaker
11.50AM - 01.00PM
Lunch with Exhibitors
01.00PM - 02.45PM
Session II: Shoulder Rehabilitation
01.00PM - 01.15PM
Manual Therapy Techniques for the Shoulder – Live Demo
01.15PM - 01.30PM
Major League Soft Tissue Modalities
01.30PM - 01.50PM
Arm Care Programs – Rationale & Implementation
01.50PM - 02.05PM
Functional Assessment Criteria for Initiation of Throwing
02.05PM - 02.45PM
Case Presentations and Panel Discussion with Q&A
02.45PM - 03.05PM
Coffee Break with Exhibitors
03.05PM - 04.45PM
Session III: Coaches Corner & Sports Science
03.05PM - 03.25PM
Training the Core for Baseball
03.25PM - 03.40PM
03.40PM - 03.55PM
Current Concepts in Workload Monitoring: When Does a Day Off Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance?
04.35PM - 04.35PM
Adjourn for the Day
04.35PM - 05.35PM
Welcome Reception
07.00AM - 07.30AM
Registration & Breakfast
07.30AM - 11.55AM
Session IV: Elbow Injuries
07.30AM - 07.45AM
Elbow Anatomy Cadaver Video Demonstration
07.45AM - 08.00AM
08.00AM - 08.20AM
Physical Exam of the Elbow (Live Video Demonstration)
08.20AM - 08.40AM
Valgus Extension Overload
08.40AM - 08.50AM
Ulnar Nerve Issues
08.50AM - 09.00AM
Flexor Pronator Strain, Epicondylitis, and Avulsion
09.15AM - 09.25AM
UCL Injury Epidemic, Causes, and Prevention
09.25AM - 09.35AM
Non-Operative Treatment of UCL Tears
09.35AM - 09.45AM
Augmented UCL Repair
09.45AM - 09.55AM
UCL Reconstruction: Technical Variations
09.55AM - 10.15AM
Coffee Break with Exhibitors
10.15AM - 10.30AM
Rehabilitation and Throwing Programs Following UCL Surgery
10.30AM - 10.40AM
Outcomes of UCL Reconstruction
10.40AM - 10.50AM
Pitching Flaws and UCL Injury
10.50AM - 11.05AM
Revision UCL Reconstruction
11.05AM - 11.20AM
UCL Rehabilitation Challenges
12.25PM - 01.25PM
Lunch with Exhibitors
01.25PM - 03.00PM
Session V: Knee
01.25PM - 01.35PM
Meniscal Injuries
01.35PM - 01.45PM
Cartilage Injuries
01.45PM - 02.00PM
ACL Injuries
02.15PM - 02.30PM
Knee Rehabilitation
03.10PM - 03.25PM
Coffee Break with Exhibitors
03.25PM - 05.00PM
Session VI: Adolescent Issues and Biologics
03.25PM - 03.35PM
Adolescent Pitching Mechanics and Pitch Counts
03.35PM - 03.45PM
Baseball Specialization and Injury Prevention in Youth Baseball
03.45PM - 04.00PM
Special Considerations for the Collegiate Baseball Player
04.00PM - 04.15PM
How I Use Biologics
04.15PM - 04.30PM
Shoulder Injuries in Adolescent Baseball Players: Trying to Keep Them Out of the OR
Course Adjourns
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